Learning and Development


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For more than 14 years we have been conducting issue/need-based Behavioural and Change Management Training for all levels: with clear objectives that the organisation wishes to achieve. Trainings have ranged from issues related to improvements in applied behaviours of people to inculcating or facilitating change in organizations as per their specific needs.

We have gleaned over more than a decade of our behavioural and Leadership Development work into this unique Leadership Development Program. We firmly believe in nurturing and improving leadership abilities of senior and middle management teams of organizations. We combine Competency Framework, Development Centre, one-to-one Coaching and training to further enhance the leadership abilities of already successful professionals. We have found substantive changes in the applied behaviour of people who have undergone this program.

The RDI approach has evolved out of more than a decade consulting and training works and based on own understanding and interpretation of organisational dynamics, PMS, individual psychology, REBT (A.Ellis) and of course, common sense.